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Conference Site: Campus-Treff

About the Campus-Treff (conference venue): Direction


Postal address:

Vogelpothsweg 120

44227 Dortmund

Campus Nord, TU Dortmund




The Campus-Treff is located on the TU Dortmund grounds, Campus Nord and close to the train (S-Bahn) station "Dortmund Universität".

If you are staying in the TU Dortmund vicinity (Tryp Dortmund Hotel), it is easiest to walk over the Campus Treff (see routes for the footpath).

Otherwise, from the Dortmund Main Railway station the most convenient way to reach the venue is using the S-Bahn or taking a taxi. (Regarding the direction by train or airplane to TU Dortmund see "Travelling Information".) 


If you are travelling by car, there are also several parking options.

To reach Campus-Treff, follow the direction by car to TU Dortmund (see "Travelling Information").

If you are on the A 45, use motorway exit "Kreuz Dortmund-West (No. 5)", enter the motorway B 1 / A 40 in the direction of Dortmund and take motorway exit "Dortmund-Barop (No. 44)".

Turn right and take the first exit from the roundabout. Then, keep going on straight until you will reach a crossing. Turn left into Vogelpothsweg and the destination: Campus-Treff is on the left hand side. 


For individual direction by car to Campus-Treff, please use the following form: