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A Dialogue between Kant and the Sciences.

Exploring New Perspectives in History and Philosophy of Science

Campus-Treff - Technische Universität Dortmund

July 09-11, 2015


Thursday (July 9, 2015)


15:30 Brigitte Falkenburg, Silvia De Bianchi & Katharina Kraus: Opening


1. Kantian Themes in Philosophy of Science

16:00 Thomas Sturm (Barcelona)

Kant on the Role of Human Ends in Science

17:00 Holger Lyre (Magdeburg)

Handedness and the Substantival Nature of Space:
Which Parts of Kant's Arguments Can Be Sustained?



Friday (July 10, 2015)


2. Kant and the “Soft” Sciences: Life and Earth Sciences

10:00 Angela Breitenbach (Cambridge)

Regulative Principles in the Life Sciences

11:30 Hein van den Berg (Amsterdam/Groningen)

Kant and the Scope of Analogy in the Life Sciences

12:30 Silvia De Bianchi (Barcelona)

From the History of the Earth to Ethics: A Kantian Perspective


3. Kant and the “Soft” Sciences: Themes from Psychology

15:00 Katharina Kraus (Freiburg)

Kant on Scientific Psychology: The idea of the soul as regulative principle

16:00 Patrick R. Frierson (Walla Walla, WA)

Character in Kant's Moral Psychology: Responding to the Situationist Challenge


4. Kant’s Impact on the “Soft” and the “Hard” Sciences

17:30 David Hyder (Ottawa)

Kant's Theory of Time and its Impact on 19th Century Biology and Physics



Saturday (July 11, 2015)


5. Kant and the “Hard” Sciences: Physics

10:00 Jonathan Everett (London)

A Kantian Account of Mathematical Modelling

11:30 Hernán Pringe (Buenos Aires/Santiago de Chile)

Cassirer and Bohr:
Leibnizian and Kantian approaches to the concept of symbol in quantum physics

12:30 Brigitte Falkenburg (Dortmund)

From Heisenberg to Scheibe:
Kant’s Impact on the German “Kopenhagen” School of Quantum Mechanics


6. Kant’s Legacy in the History of Philosophy of Science

15:00 Peter McLaughlin (Heidelberg)

Science and its objects as purposive systems

16:00 Kristina Engelhard (Köln) & Dietmar Heidemann (Luxemburg)

Kant’s Legacy