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Dr. Simon Wimmer – Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Dr. Simon Wimmer – Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Foto von Dr. Simon Wimmer

Freitags, 16-18 Uhr.



Emil-Figge-Stra├če 50
44227 Dortmund

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Campus Nord



I am a research fellow at the TU Dortmund, working at Eva Schmidt's chair in theoretical philosophy. My research focuses on the relation between knowledge and belief. You can also find me on PhilPeople.

I just completed my PhD at the University of Warwick, where my work was funded by CADRE. My supervisors were Guy Longworth and Johannes Roessler. During my PhD, I spent time at Oxford, Toronto, and Cologne. Before my PhD, I completed an MPhil in Philosophy at Warwick for which I won the departmental prize for outstanding performance.

I am originally from Vienna, Austria. In 2011, I came to the UK for my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Politics.

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Der menschliche Geist in der neuzeitlichen Philosophie


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My work focuses on the relation between knowledge and belief. I am currently exploring views on which knowledge and belief are independent states. My PhD dissertation argued that extant belief- and knowledge-first approaches to the relation between knowledge and belief enjoy no explanatory advantage over such views. As part of this argument, I defended the claim that knowledge, unlike belief, is an attitude to a fact and explored the implications of this claim for theorizing about the relation between knowledge and belief.

I also work on further issues in epistemology, language, mind, and formal semantics which touch on the relation between knowledge and belief.




Journal article

2019. Knowledge-first believing the unknowable. Synthese.

Encyclopedia entry

under contract. Knowledge-first in the philosophy of mind. Internet encyclopedia of philosophy.

Critical notice

2017. What is it to be aware of your awareness of red? A review essay of Michelle Montague's The Given. Philosophical Psychology (with Giulia Martina).

Book review

2016. Review of Clayton Bohnet’s ‘Logic and the limits of philosophy in Kant and Hegel’. Kant Studies Online (with Tristan Kreetz).
2013. Review of ‘The Non-Philosophy Project: Essays by François Laruelle’. Autumn 2013 issue of Dialectic, the journal of the University of York Philosophy Society (with Tristan Kreetz).